How nice to be nominated! I was totally suprised. I think a lot about what people think about my blog, do they like my story’s, my pics, and then this happens. I was really happy. I am nominated by Bieke from lifestyletalks (and César ofcourse!). Thank you so much Bieke! Well lets get started. First i have to tell you the rules that you have to follow when you are nominated.

The Liebster Award is an award given to newbie bloggers by other bloggers. The Liebster award was created to enhance the discovery of new, upcoming bloggers and to give them a boost. Well, how can you say no to that!

How does it work? Once nominated you’re asked to do a small favour in return.

  • You must continue paying it forward.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog. (A polite thing to do)
  • Reveal 11 facts about yourself. (So people get to know you better)
  • Answer the questions of the blogger who nominated you. (So people get to know you even better :))
  • Now, nominate other fellow upcoming bloggers that you feel deserve the award.
  • Give your nominees a list of questions they have to answer.
  • List ‘these rules’ in your post and inform the nominees.

11 facts about me:

1. I have got a hereditary lung disease and use 24/7 medical oxygen.

2. I would like to live in England. When i am there it feels like i’m at home.

3. I am a bit off addicted on buying clothes. I really get a kick out of it.

4. When i was 14 years old i first heard ,,a forrest” by The Cure and i still think its the most beautiful song i ever heard. 

5. I love good food, a cozy dinner with friends or  just with Gerben having a long delicious meal (with wine!) 

6. I Always want to have everything,, arranged”. 

7. I can totally immerse myself in books by Karen Slaughter. 

8. I cannot handle people who deny themselfs all kind of things ,, for later”.How many times ther is no ,, later”. You are living now!

9. I never never never walk out the door without wearing any make-up. 

10. I enjoy our fridaynights, when Gerben finished working. We get our grocery’s inside and then we fry chips with snacks, and after that we relax on the couch with a drink and enjoy the beginning of the weekend. 

11. I do way too much than is good for me, but i cannot help it. I like so many things. 

My answers to Bieke:

  • Books or tv-  Mmm, tv then. Especially English detectives.
  • Desribe yourself in one word- Strong!
  • My idea of happiness- To enjoy life together with Gerben.
  • My favourite garment- Pencilskirts! I love them. I think they are chique, feminine, you can wear them in a sturdy way and they fit perfect.
  • Life quote- Defer not until later….
  • Which city do you like the most and why- Hastings, i happen to be fond of England and in Hastings( and surroundings)I feel like home. And in The Netherlands its Arnhem, where i was born.
  • What can brighten a really bad day up- Go out to have dinner.
  • My favourite artist- The Cure.
  • Why did you start blogging- I am not working anymore because of my disease and i had to find something to fill my days and that also gave some satisfaction. After a 2,5 year struggle, i discovered blogging!
  • What do you like most about blogging- The satisfaction it gives me and the interacting with other bloggers.

And now its my turn to nominate:

My nominees are: Creabealounge,, and Eline joan.


And finally here are my questions for the nominees.

  • What is your favourite food?
  • What is the first thing you do after waking up?
  • How do you see your life in 5 years?
  • What is your favourite book?
  • What is your favourite store?
  • What is your dreamholliday?
  • Cats or dogs?
  • What do you want to achive with your blog?
  • What is your favourite make-up item?
  • Describe yourself in 1 word.






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