So i have decided to write my blog all in English. I hope my Dutch readers do not mind but i’d love to hear your opinion. Last week i went to the mall to pick up my glasses and the mall was very nicely decorated. This huge bear was full with little lights, look how small the people look next to it.

I also picked up my Christmas cards which we always design ourselves. The cats look both like grumpycat! And on saturdaynight we went to a Christmas market in Dickens style. It was raining and muddy and we could not find the hot wine! But we stayed for an hour and it was pleasant.

I love taking a bath. Especially when my weekly magazine (grazia) has arrived. Some oil in bath and lie soak for an hour and reading! I love it.Castor thinks flooding of the bath is very exciting. I hate writing the Christmas cards, i don’t know why, but with hot chocolate and a cherry flap it writes a lot easier.

I told you before that we wanted to buy new baubles because of Castor, we wanted plastic balls now. So we bought the most kitschy balls you can imagine. I had a little regret afther we bought them because i’m more of a stylish tree, but i think the tree has become actually quite nice. Now  the space under the tree has to be filled up with presents! I wish you all a nice week.




28 thoughts on “MY WEEK

  1. Leuk weekoverzicht weer ! Helemaal in het engels is prima te volgen denk ik, al vond ik het altijd wel wat hebben dat je het zowel in NL als ENG schreef :-).

      1. Ik vond het zelf nogal rommelig. Dankjewel voor je opmerking, ik hoor graag andermans mening!( al zullen mensen in mijn directe omgeving daar anders over denken hahaha)

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