My week

Hello fashion lovers, you can still join the link-up at the bottom of the post. What a miserable start of the week. My bike is broken and the repair is likely to cost quite a bit, my hairdresser could only on a day that not sum me( but I have to because old age is already quite visible) and Castor has destroyed my bunch of tulips. Oké, breathe in, breathe out…..I bought these bar of chocolate with caramel and sea salt, oh delicious, and I thought lets buy some healthy crisps! Yeah right, like they exist!

Tuesday I now use to do my homework of the course, it frustrates enormously because I do not understand everything right away and I have very little patience. Sometimes you have to indulge yourself  then with a McFlurry.

Friday I baked a delicious cake and together with my niece wrote an advisory note for the council. Saturday night we went out for dinner with friends as seen in the first photo. Sunday we wanted to go for a walk, when we left it was dry, there was no forecast of rain, and when we went walking it started to rain. And we walked where you cannot return, but have to finish the round! So we were pretty wet. When we got home Gerben made a delicious dish with coquiles, pasta, crawfish and a salad.

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21 thoughts on “My week

    1. Vast wel! Het was alleen vandaag dat ik zo baalde van mijn fiets en ik hoef nog maar twee avonden op cursus en dan hip ik dat ik snel kan overstappen op eigen hosting. Maar ook dat zal wel een heel frustrerend gedoe worden, mezelf kennende.

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