Ladies Night link-up

Let’s briefly take a moment for the victims and survivors of the attack yesterday in Brussels……


A week and a half ago my girlfriends and I went to a Ladies Night. It is a kind of a covered market full of woman things. But prior to that, you guessed it, we went out for diner. The Ladies Night  began at half past seven so one of us looked at a quarter past how busy it was, the first 100 woman were given a goodie bag, and there was already an immense row. So we forgot the goodie bag and ordered some coffee. We went inside at half past eight and it still was way to busy. There were nice stalls selling scarves and bags, and there was even someone treated  on stage with botox! I bought a very nice pants, which I will show you Friday. As we wanted to go a woman at a stand asked me why I had a tube and what it was for. I explained it to her and she said: I have got a surprise for you. And then she gave me the huge cake! And delicious that it was! What a lovely girlfriends and I having diner


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15 thoughts on “Ladies Night link-up

    1. Echt niet? Is echt heel gezellig als je van slenteren langs kraampjes houd. Ik ben daar dolmop, ik ben ook dolop de markt en b.v. de zwarte markt in Beverwijk.

  1. Nothing beats the emotional support we get from Girls’ Nights and female friendships. I had two meetups last week with blogger-girlfriends and am still buzzed from the good times. I like your blog!

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