Side tracked! beautyproducts

I’m not a beauty expert and certainly not a beauty blogger but I wanted to show you these products. Cien and I went to our favorite perfumery because I finally wanted a MAC lipstick. I previously wore always red, but as the years passed I found that color less and less beautiful in my face. I have now bought vintage rose and I must say quite frankly, I find this lipstick amazing. I also had to have some daily care of Clinique and I wanted something for ( how Cien calls it) the rails between my eyes! The saleswoman took the time for us, that is very nice, and rubbed our(yes Cien, our!) wrinkles with this brand. If you do not want the fillers yet, but you do want to get rid of the deep wrinkles in your face, this is a very good product. It is cosmetically and not caring hence the wrinkles do not go away. You will see a big difference. We were spoiled with all kinds of samples. Love it!

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20 thoughts on “Side tracked! beautyproducts

  1. Diana B.

    I’ve read a lot of reviews that this MAC lipstick is great and I think its time for me to try! 😀
    Have a nice day!

  2. Welke MAC kleur is dit ? Ik ben ook erg benieuwd naar dat product voor de kreukels ! Eens verder in verdiepen, ehmm in het product dan he ? 🙂

    1. Hahaha, Doe jij dat maar!😝 De kleur is brave. Als ik er een iets donkerder potlood bij gebruik word ie weer iets anders van kleur en anders is ie echt oud Rose.

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