Yeah, I finally could sit outside in the sun reading yesterday! But today it is passed again because it is raining. Bummer. Last Monday my parents in law came by for diner and I got a delicious box of chocolates. We have here in the village an artisan chocolate maker so you can imagine how good these chocolates are.

Wednesday evening I had the last lesson and we also got an ,,diploma”. Ha, that’s a long time since I got a diploma! I also had to return some clothes that did not fit Gerben, I wanted to change it for something else but I was so annoyed by the terrible way of selling clothes there, that I just asked for my money back. Some sellers really don’t want to sell anything!

I told you on Friday what an awfull day Thursday was, waiting for my blog installation that didn’t show up. I had to eat my frustration away with Tony……of Tony chocolony. It helped! Lol. Friday Gerben and I went to a clients platform organised by my oxygen supplier. Which was interesting because I met a woman who had the oxyview and I want that too. But it is not for sale in Europe, so now I am going to try to order it from America. A shame to sit inside hole afternoon because the sun was shining!

I ordered some new shoes(I really did not have such yet!). For a very nice price at h&m. I hope to finish at the end of this week with my self hosted blog wich also gets a new name! Have a great week everyone!


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